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Chair Massage

Chair massage in the workplace

Chair massage provides a way for people to experience the benefits of massage but with less time constraint and remaining fully clothed. It is a wonderful way to introduce people to massage who normally might feel intimidated by table massage.  Chair massage is performed in a variety of environments, including office settings, conventions, and other events. 

Chair massage can be very beneficial to employees and is quick and affordable. Little or no lotion is used, and care is taken for awareness of office surroundings as it is usually performed in a quiet room or office.  Chair massage provides many benefits for its employees including

*decreased stress

*an increase in productivity from employees

*a boost to the immunity system, resulting in less sick days

*an increase in positive attitude in the work environment

Karen provides chair massage in 15, 30, and 45 minute increments. Clients are comfortably seated in a massage chair and fully clothed.  Areas of focus are the neck, back and arms/hands as these tend to be the most overworked areas and where people feel the most tension and stress.  

For more information on chair massage including rates, please click on Massage Rates and Appointment Information.


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